The Sweetest Backyard Wedding

I was introduced to Erica and Jeremy via Erica’s Aunt Alice, an art educator friend of mine.  They had decided to return to Erica’s family roots to celebrate their wedding.  Along with their two daughters, they gathered their friends and family at Erica’s grandparents’ home, a place where Erica spent many childhood days helping out in the gardens that surrounded the house built by her grandfather.

The wedding was truly a family DIY affair, with all pitching in to gather vendors and create decor.  The flowers were gathered from her grandparents’ own collection in their vast gardens; the cake sourced from a family friend.  The music was from a young man who played the open mic at a pub that some of the family like to frequent up the road.  It all came together to create a casual, intimate and spiritual vibe on a July Sunday afternoon.

The best part?  By the end of the day, Jeremy now had 3 families to call his own: the military – as he is an active duty Marine; his nuclear family with Erica; and now Erica’s loving and large extended family in the New England town of Sudbury, Massachusetts.

Jeremy and Erica 1Jeremy and Erica 2Jeremy and Erica 3Jeremy and Erica 4Jeremy and Erica 5Jeremy and Erica 6