Celebrating a 10 Year Anniversary

This past summer, a past couple – Greg and Jessie – honored me by asking me to photograph their vow renewal in Gloucester, Massachusetts.  It was not only lovely to see all of the Gill and Donovan families, but it was also lovely to see how Greg and Jessie’s family has grown by leaps and bounds as well!  Their four children are a glorious handful, with the oldest so much like mum and the boys a rambunctious crew who give both mum and dad a whooping good time.

What hasn’t changed at its heart is the love shared between the Jessie and Greg.  It may be hidden underneath layers of toys and jobs obligations at times, but when the three of us were alone for a few precious minutes, the humor came out between the two of them and you saw the sparkle in their eyes.  Talk in jest began of stealing away on a surprise anniversary trip and leaving the kids with the grandparents while they were distracted as we were shooting…at least I *think* it was in jest – lol!  All I know is that I hope that, in 10 years, Jon and I still have that twinkle between the two of us and still have that level of mirth!