For those of you not from the Newburyport, Massachusetts area, let me tell you this: Yankee Homecoming is HUGE!  It is a “To-DO” to say the least.  When Margaret contacted me about photographing her and Justin’s wedding not only during Yankee Homecoming week, but on THE day, the day of the beautiful fireworks display…well, I would say I was a tad nervous about logistics, to say the least.  But then, when I heard she was marrying an Airman, well, I KNEW I would do anything to make sure to give her all the photo – goodness I could.  It’s important to me to make sure I “pay it forward” where I can to other military families; Margaret and Justin are a wonderful couple that deserved the perfect day!

After starting off at Margaret’s mother’s house – wait! did I mention her mother is the woman behind The Party Cake? – we then made our way over to Hale Memorial Park for the outdoor ceremony, overlooking the water.  It was lovely, with family and friends surrounding the couple.  From there we jetted off to Michael’s Harbourside for some dinner and dancing.  Not only were we given a show with the fireworks, but the sun setting over the harbor was amazing as well!  I think the folks at Michael’s were a bit “star struck” by Justin’s uniform and somehow got us on the private docks for some amazing shots with that gorgeous sky…now *that’s* photo-goodness.  All the best to this couple; I hope they’re enjoying their new Florida digs!


Paul and Tanya were married on a beautiful June Saturday in Meredith on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee.  Mills Falls played host to an intimate group of family and close friends, providing a romantic backdrop for the bride and groom.  Tanya and Paul crafted a traditional day that also had gentle touches of their two backgrounds; throughout the decor you could see hints of Tanya’s Turkish heritage.  The views of the lake during the day were beautiful, but it was the sunset that really took one’s breath away…along with all of the dancing that commenced after dinner!  Here’s to a long and happy life together, Paul and Tanya.  Much love and happiness to you both!

This past summer, a past couple – Greg and Jessie – honored me by asking me to photograph their vow renewal in Gloucester, Massachusetts.  It was not only lovely to see all of the Gill and Donovan families, but it was also lovely to see how Greg and Jessie’s family has grown by leaps and bounds as well!  Their four children are a glorious handful, with the oldest so much like mum and the boys a rambunctious crew who give both mum and dad a whooping good time.

What hasn’t changed at its heart is the love shared between the Jessie and Greg.  It may be hidden underneath layers of toys and jobs obligations at times, but when the three of us were alone for a few precious minutes, the humor came out between the two of them and you saw the sparkle in their eyes.  Talk in jest began of stealing away on a surprise anniversary trip and leaving the kids with the grandparents while they were distracted as we were shooting…at least I *think* it was in jest – lol!  All I know is that I hope that, in 10 years, Jon and I still have that twinkle between the two of us and still have that level of mirth!



In the cold days of January, why not think back to those golden, warm days of a Saturday evening in July?  I love taking a walk up the street from my home to Skip’s Cruise Night and checking out all of the different classic cars.  I really do view them all as an art form.  The patience and care put into each and every one is astounding…form, function, lines…they all make for such gorgeous photogoodness!


Happy New Year to you all!  Most importantly, I wanted to start out with a most grateful THANK YOU to all of those who became a part of the Sarah Marie Studios crew in the 2016 year; without you, there’s no way I’d be able to continue on and create such amazing photogoodness!  In celebration of such a wonderful year, why don’t we take a moment and revisit all of that amazing imagery that was created over the past 12 months…here’s to a look at Sarah Marie Studios’ Top 40 Wedding & Portrait images of 2016!


I wish you all the joy, happiness and photogoodness possible in 2017! – Sarah Marie xo

The week prior to my wedding – I did mention I got married this past summer, right? – I was lucky enough to photograph this absolutely adorable couple in the middle of all the chaos of my wedding week.  It was EXACTLY what was needed; Caitlin and Mat were just what the doctor ordered…fun, loving, easy-going…just the perfect couple to hang out with on a July evening.  The light was beautiful and the air was just the perfect temperature.  We hung out together and were just *this* side of silly while taking a few pictures while getting used to each other.  All in all, it was great way to spend some time getting some of my pre-wedding nerves out!  I’m so glad to have shared the time with these two.


I was introduced to Erica and Jeremy via Erica’s Aunt Alice, an art educator friend of mine.  They had decided to return to Erica’s family roots to celebrate their wedding.  Along with their two daughters, they gathered their friends and family at Erica’s grandparents’ home, a place where Erica spent many childhood days helping out in the gardens that surrounded the house built by her grandfather.

The wedding was truly a family DIY affair, with all pitching in to gather vendors and create decor.  The flowers were gathered from her grandparents’ own collection in their vast gardens; the cake sourced from a family friend.  The music was from a young man who played the open mic at a pub that some of the family like to frequent up the road.  It all came together to create a casual, intimate and spiritual vibe on a July Sunday afternoon.

The best part?  By the end of the day, Jeremy now had 3 families to call his own: the military – as he is an active duty Marine; his nuclear family with Erica; and now Erica’s loving and large extended family in the New England town of Sudbury, Massachusetts.

Jeremy and Erica 1Jeremy and Erica 2Jeremy and Erica 3Jeremy and Erica 4Jeremy and Erica 5Jeremy and Erica 6

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: headshots are an INVESTMENT!  I believe in this SO MUCH that I am offering educators a “back-to-school” event for my headshot sessions.

If you are an educator – at any level – I’d love to make sure you are starting the year off with a great headshot!  Now, until October 31st Sarah Marie Studios’ headshot sessions will include:

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Normally this type of session would cost well over $400; however I would love to see my fellow educators (especially my fellow art educators) kick up their profiles a notch.

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